“Marsha Sefcik Interiors was wonderful to work with! She listened to my desires, concerns and dreams. She asked wonderful questions and made my vision come to life! Her expertise, positive energy and passion was very evident throughout the process. I would love to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!”

K MacMillan, West Hants, NS January 2017



“After years of contemplating a kitchen / bathroom renovation, we asked Marsha to come and take a look at our home and give us some advice.
Marsha provided us with a detailed design plan, sourced suppliers and provided us with some great design and decorating inspirations.
Marsha’s wonderful personality, open-mindedness and professionalism gave us an end result that is a masterful culmination of what she envisioned as an interior designer, and the look and feel desired by us.”

R and J van der Wegen Dartmouth, NS December 2016

“We’ve always loved our house here in NS. Even while away with my husband’s work, we’d take holiday times to come back to it. But it wasn’t until Marsha’s keen eye and great DIY skills that it finally became a home. From big room redesigning and housewide organizational overhauls, to the tiniest design details, what used to be our cluttered house is now excellently organised and easily maintained. And her redesign of our master bedroom has helped me to sleep better than I have in years. Amazing how the organized, uncluttered, and beautiful spaces she created have created a lovely nest for our whole family. Thank-you, Marsha!!”

M. Little Chezzetcook, NS September 2016

dscf0055Marsha has helped us make our house a home. She has provided solid advice about colour choices, so I am no longer shocked by how it looks on the wall. Even the painter was impressed by how the colours looked together, going from room to room. It was easier for me to choose smaller items like lamps or cushions once we had a plan for the room.

Working with Marsha has saved us money. She has recommended when to spend and when to save during a project. We have not been disappointed in furniture or paint choices, so we are not spending money to repaint or to replace something that looked better in the store. Her decorating fees are part of the budget for any household project we are considering.

Marsha listens to the clients’ needs. She has done a plan for us to refinish the basement, bit by bit, giving us a more accurate idea of cost and what tasks we can do ourselves. But, she will tactfully point out that an old chair may look worse in a freshly decorated room.

I would highly recommend Marsha. She has even chosen the wall colour for my office and it is a delight to look at and works well with the existing furniture.

D. Wright Dartmouth, NS August 2015

IMG_5367“I asked Marsha to help me out with my home. I was looking for a
cosmetic update. My home was greatly in need of it and I wanted a
fresh but comfortable new feel. Marsha came in and gave me exactly what I was looking for. She asked all of the right questions,
presented me with a ton of great samples and luckily we were almost always on the same page as to what I was looking for. In areas where I didn’t really have an opinion, I gave her full control and the outcome was always spot on. She also surprised me with a few custom touches that I wasn’t expecting.
Long story short, she made my house more of a home.  She made it a fresher and more comfortable space to spend my time.  I have already recommended her services to as many people as possible  and will continue to do so.

~S. Spidle Hants County, July 2015

IMG_1388After the rush of the Christmas Fair Season, I realized I -desperately needed a craft room that would be organized and efficient in order to help me create more items in a timely fashion.  I knew exactly who to call to help me-I’ve known Marsha for over 15 years and knew she would design a room that would work for me.  After seeing the area and doing the measurements, she came back with a design that used the space efficiently, creating two separate areas for my paper crafts, and sewing area.

Marsha and her husband Kenton did the install of the cupboards, workspace counter, a custom sewing table, and a custom cutting table for my height.  Kenton built the cutting table – it is such a beautiful piece of furniture, and it saves my back when I’m cutting fabric for hours!

Marsha thought of all the small things too-like under mount cabinet lighting, and reorganizing all my paper products and fabrics as well.

I highly recommend Marsha Sefcik Interiors for any of you interior decorating needs-I think I have a few other rooms that will need her help soon!

~J. Smith Dartmouth, NS February 2014

Marsha helped me create the bright and fun office space that I was craving! She listened carefully to my needs, and helped me determine the best layout and furniture. I wanted to ensure proper ergonomics without compromising style, and Marsha delivered.  Her creative side helped me to re-purpose many items and it was a real pleasure to work with her. I would certainly recommend Marsha’s design and organizing skills!

~A. Ward Halifax, NS October 2014



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