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10898291_725660610837611_1251256145903538917_nI am a Certified Interior Decorator, an Accredited Home Stager and a member of IDDP (Interior Decorating and Design Professional). I have been running my business that has been serving Nova Scotians for 10 years.

I work closely with each client to establish what your goals are, what you want to achieve in your latest home project, your likes and dislikes and your budget. Working with an Interior Decorator is not just about designing a pretty space; it’s about designing a space that matches your lifestyle and functions for you. Whether you want to change a room’s colour, acquire new furniture pieces or a complete head to toe room redesign, I can help.

I make sure the projects I accept are the ones that I am really passionate about as it enables me to dedicate myself entirely to designing a fabulous space with remarkable quality. That’s why it is important that we get to connect on a personal level and you end up with a space that’s right for you and your family.

My goal is to design a space that reflects you. I will ensure that I design a space that fits with your lifestyle, budget and functions for you.

At Marsha Sefcik Interiors, we do all the work ourselves. If you’re looking for something that is outside our scope, I will do my best to pass you on to a trustworthy and reliable contact.

If you are certain that you want to work with me, please head on over to learn more about my design process.

You can also head on over to check out my services, don’t see something there but, wondering if we can help, please check out my contact page.

Let the fun Begin!

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