img_8101  First week into January and I’ve  given a lot of thought about business, career, where do I see myself growing. Back in December I even considered dropping off social media altogether as I was feeling bad about myself and feeling overwhelmed with all the shopping stories I was being inundated with. After a talk with a friend/colleague I decided instead of jumping off this social media bandwagon, I would clean house and change the way I’ve been using it.

A little about me- I’m an introvert by nature and very selective about  who I let into my personal life. But here I was following these accounts whose message wasn’t helpful to me and only following because they were popular. The question I had to ask myself was why? Why was I allowing these accounts to inadvertently making me feel bad about myself- my lack of followers, my lack of projects that I’m able to churn out, my lack of $ to purchase all these items that I was being told I had to have, these  feelings of not being good enough …and the list goes on.

We all spend so much time on our phones and social media and it was beginning to have a negative impact on me. So I did some soul searching and realized that I’m really guarded on Social media and really don’t share the real me. But listen, we’ve been taught in school, career classes, etc that you don’t write as you talk and we must act professional, etc. Right? Last night I listened to @jamiemswanson podcast personal brand journey and this was her message and it resonated with me. Now this lady has thousands of followers, a team to assist and has had launches in the $200,000 market so at first I was thinking what in the heck am I doing listening to this lady? I mean I’ve been at this for years and I struggle to maintain 440 followers, I’ve never generated business from Instagram so what am I doing? But that one statement about being more personal, write as I would talk to a friend over a cup of tea, do the opposite of what I’ve been taught and what I used to teach myself to students.

That’s what I’m going to do.

Before Christmas break, I started making some notes on the kind of business I wanted to pursue for myself. I’ve researched some options, I even wrote my CV (it’s been 13 years since I’ve done that), I’ve reached out to businesses and clients I’ve worked for in the past for references and testimonials and I even opened up my e-design service which I only offered once last year. I’m hoping that these small changes will have a big impact. I am going to actively pursue  a position that I would enjoy doing and have always wanted and not let defeat get me down when I go knocking on that first door.

And if I’m going to be on my phone than it’s going to be listening to podcasts like @Jamiemswanson and others like her that can help me grow rather than just listlessly scrolling and wasting time. Because the truth is, we all have busy lives, families that demand our time and we all have the same 24 hours in a day but it’s what we do in those few moments that we have to ourselves that I’m going to spend pursuing MY goals.


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  1. Yes! I can relate to this SO MUCH! Social media is so hard on my head that I feel like it’s not worth it a lot of the time. I’ve been on a super long break from it all for the same reasons as you and I’m just getting back into posting this past week or so. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people and am focusing on Instagram only for now to lighten the mental load.

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