Acreage Living

Nearly two months have passed since we arrived.


Since the last blog post, when emotions were still pretty raw, we are beginning to find our groove. My husband is a week away from opening his clinic. We got side tracked with clinic progress to prepare for the arrival of our daughter’s pony. Initially she was going to arrive in the spring but we were missing her. As luck would have it, the company who was going to transport her decided to do another trip out west. This is a big surprise for our daughter. Pony is scheduled to arrive in two days.

I enjoy the peacefulness that living on the acreage has to offer. As a family we are feeling very connected. When all you got is each other, you have no choice but to work through the differences. I’ve seen my kids become closer and become best friends. We’ve met a new family that moved here this past summer and we are meeting another family today that recently moved here.

The homesickness has abated. Kids are transitioning nicely. That’s not to say that we do not have bad days where we are very lonely for our old home, town, and friends. Of course we do. But, that is to be expected. It’s the familiarity that we are missing. That comfort in knowing…..

By moving here, we downsized on square footage for our living space despite that we grew in square footage for our outdoor space. Our last home was 1800 sq/ft two storey on 3/4 acre right in town. We are now living in a 1200 sq.ft home single level home on 6 acres just outside of town. I love the open floor plan for the main living areas but also enjoy the fact that our master bedroom and ensuite is on the opposite end while the kids have their bedroom and shared bath on their own end of the home. They are enjoying it too. The single level living is also working out. I can clean this place in under an hour. Win win! I have some key areas to tweak such as a carving out a home office space in our dining room, a linen closet and a toy closet for the kids. Those will be my winter projects.

In the spring, we hope to tackle the flooring and address the walls by adding trim and paint. All in due time. For now, I am content that we are 90% unpacked. Kids are settled into a routine with their extracurricular and we are slowly making friends.

The holidays are upon us and if you’ve been around here for long at all, you know how I love this time of year. Even though the house isn’t where I want it to be, I’m still going to enjoy decorating it and spending the holidays with my family.

It’s beginning to feel like home.


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