My dream living room

In my  home, I am all about comfort, cosy and function with a hit of style. I tend to gravitate towards clean lines and classic pieces.  Throughout my home, you will find neutral wall colors paired with neutral furniture pieces.

It may come as a surprise that when I pulled together pieces for my dream living room that I combined some high end with some lower end items. Because even in my dreams, this girl has a budget. 


I have aways advocated for spaces that are designed for real living-  young kids and pets. They may not be as magazine worthy but they are worthy of my friends and family feeling comfortable in my home. With that in mind, I will always gravitate towards a slipcovered sofa. This sofa by Arhaus is generous in proportion, classic clean lines with down filled back cushion for that “sink into the couch feeling” that I love.

I am really enjoying the modern geometric monochromatic throw pillows that are trending right now. These pillows paired with a faux fur throw screams cozy.  And nothing says cozy like a roaring fire in a wood stove. I love the European modern lines on this particular model.

In a neutral monochromatic colour scheme, I love to introduce warm wood tones like these wooden stump side tables and the the TV media cabinet. In our living room, you will find a TV for those weekly family movie nights.

To finish of my dream living room, I love the look and feel of these chunky knit rugs, a great modern pendant that looks just as beautiful during the day as it does at night when it’s glowing.

I decorate with a light hand so you will always find just a candle,  a vase of flowers  and/or a book or magazine on the coffee table and side tables.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when someone visits our home for the first time and they exhale deeply and announce how cozy our home feels. So please, come in, take a seat, put your feet up, enjoy the warm fire and help yourself to a cup of tea.

Because at the end of the day, that’s how a home should feel.

Looking to spruce up your living room? I encourage you to head on over to Arhaus for further inspiration. They have something for everyone.

This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. I will not receive any sort of endorsement for writing this post or for providing links to these products. 


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