Simple Holiday Decorating

In the past couple of years, I have really taken the stress out of Holiday decorating. I no longer hit the shops in mid October scooping up the latest decor trends for the holidays. I would much rather spend my money elsewhere.

Plus, my motto is I can make it for way less money.

Here are my go to’s when it comes to decking the halls:


  1. I used a combination of real and faux. I pick up a couple of real wreaths from the local farmers market in mid November for $9 each. I hang them outside and keep them up all winter long. I do not adorn them with anything besides a simple red ribbon. I also fill our outdoor planters with boughs cut from the trees in our own backyard. I know grocery stores and many big box stores now sell fresh greenery so if you don’t have access to the free stuff, then by all means hit up your big box stores. The nice thing with fresh greenery if it is used outside, it will keep all winter long. I enjoy some greenery on our door step during the dead of winter.
  2. On the inside, I use the faux stuff. We use a wood stove to heat our home so the real stuff just dries out too quickly. I use wreaths in the windows that you can pick up at Michaels with your 50% off coupon for under $5.00. I pick up a couple every year. I like to use it on our bannister as well. Again, nothing fussy- some ribbon and pinecones (harvested from our backyard)


  1. It’s super easy to inject some of the holidays with a couple of toss pillows and a throw. I tend to use patterns that I can keep around long after the holidays. I tend to go for those with a hit of red but, you could use a colour that complements your colour scheme.


  1. Instead of spending money on specific holiday decor, I like to take the DIY route. Several years back, I made these  yarn wrapped trees. It was a super easy project and I still love them today.

2.  Around the holidays, everyone loves the Christmas village. These things can cost a fortune. I went to the Dollar Store and bought some of their individual ceramic houses. They were not pretty but, when I got them home, I sprayed them white. Just a quick coat or two.


It can be daunting to have to buy decorations and lights for an entire tree. Over the years, I’ve made countless ornaments for our Christmas tree. From fabric stars to yarn  wrapped balls


Here are some other ways that I have inexpensively decorated our home for the holidays over the years. A  homemade crate crafted from an old pallet, a mason jar candle holder wrapped in birch park adorned with a sprig of pine and a pinecone, a plaid bow on a wreath, a simple chalkboard sign, pompom garland and felted snowballs hanging in the window.


A DIY Christmas does take some planning but if done right, it is decor that you  will be able to use for years to come. I chose classic colours and patterns like red flannels, plaids, whites and creams so they will never go out of style. It also cuts down on the amount of space you need to store all those Christmas decorations for 11 months of the year.


I hope I have given you some food for thought on how you can simplify your Holiday decorating.

We party here:





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