My Favourite Things

PicMonkey Collage

It’s the time of year where many bloggers like to share their favourite things. I thought I would share with you some of the things that I enjoy having in our home especially this time of year. Many of my favourite things are made right here in the Atlantic provinces by small business owners.

First up are the woollen blankets from MacAusland Mills located in PEI. I love these blankets. It tends to move around the house but, right now you can find it folded up at the foot of our chaise.


Second, throw pillows by local NS artist, Tanya from Girliture. I have several of her East coast proud pillows as well as her holiday ones.

Third, these great candles by another local business, Foxhound Collection You must try the winter special, Balsam. It is perfect for the holidays.


I love these typographic maps by Poster Boy. We have the counties of Nova Scotia. They are available for all the provinces and would make great gifts for those living away from home.


I love to wear a scarf this time of year. It just adds to that cosy feeling. My dear friend at Stamp Stitch Create makes some amazing stylish scarves.


These would also make great gifts and I hope you enjoy them. Tell me, what are you some of your favourite things?







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