Take back your bedroom from all the clutter

Found on www.home-space.biz
Found on http://www.home-space.biz

The final post in the Declutter, Get Organized series will take a look at the bedroom. Your bedroom should be an oasis. A place to rest and relax at the end of the day. It should be a sanctuary. Whether you decide to tackle your kid’s bedroom or the Master Bedroom. The following same rules will apply.

Do you trip over piles of clothing, shoes, boxes, toys (in your kid’s case) or various tchotchkes? Are the tops of dressers piled high with stuff?

The good news is you can transform the bedroom from cluttered chaos to a serene space by simply rearranging (or even removing) furniture and de-cluttering.

Having too many pieces of furniture, no matter how big the space, can make it seem cluttered. Do you have several dressers, tables and chairs that are buried or overflowing with stuff? Clutter can make a room, no matter how large, seem small.

Instead of having several dressers throughout the room, declutter and reduce it down to no more than two. If you have a table in your room, do you use it (be honest) or is it buried under a bunch of papers, clothes, etc? Perhaps that table would be better suited in some other room in your home. How about that chair? Do you ever sit in it or is it too buried?

Perhaps you are of the mindset where you think you need another piece of furniture in your room and that is why there is stuff everywhere? I can guarantee that is not the case. The more furniture you have in the room, the more we tend to fill them.  Stuff attracts more stuff.

Don’t know where to start? Perhaps invite a friend for a fresh set of eyes to give you some perspective.

1. My suggestion is to move everything out of the space. That will give you a idea of how much space you actually have.

2. Get some boxes and label them, donate, sell or use elsewhere.

3. Before you move any furniture back in, consider giving your room a thorough cleaning, perhaps a fresh coat of paint, clean the floors, shampoo the rugs/carpets. Consider some new window treatments to freshen things up.

4. The main clutter culprit in any bedroom is clothing, shoes and accessories. People would rather cram in another piece of furniture rather than sort through their wardrobes.

I need you to be ruthless here. Again, ask a friend over. Remove everything out of your closet and drawers. If it no longer fits, you haven’t worn it in a year or two, or it’s outdated, it’s time to donate it. Only  try on pieces that you aren’t sure about and if you don’t like the way it fits, then it too can go.

Once you have gone through your wardrobe, place a box in your closet. Whenever you try on something and decide you no longer like it, then toss it into the donate box. When it is filled up, take it to a donation center or dropbox. Also, if you have a dry attic or basement, consider storing off season clothing elsewhere.

When returning items to the closet, take a good look at your closet. Perhaps you need an organization system that can be picked up rather inexpensively at any big box store especially if you have a single hanging rod spanning the entire width of your closet and one shelf.

Also, try to keep items from sitting on the closet floor. Buy yourself a shoe organizer.  Install some hooks for ties, belts, scarves and hats.

5. Next, let’s take a look at your bed. Is the bed taking over your room. Do you really need that king size bed? Perhaps the next time you are out shopping for a new bed, consider scaling back to a queen.

When it comes to bedding, I suggest going with basic whites or plain pieces in a limited colour palette. Plain pieces are interchangeable and you can get more for your buck.

When it comes to pillows, less is more especially if you aren’t one to make your bed every morning. Keep it to the pillows you use. I like to have two per person so it’s comfortable for reading in bed and a couple of throw pillows.

6. Your bedroom should be a retreat. Evict the home office. This is not a space where you should be doing work, paying bills, etc right before bed.

7. If this is a kid’s room that you are decluttering, I really recommend keeping the number of toys in their room to a minimum.

Found on www.allaboutyou.com
Found on http://www.allaboutyou.com

Once you have decluttered, reorganized and returned the furniture to your room, let’s put some daily rituals in place to keep the bedroom a serene place.

1. Make your bed everyday. It really only takes a minute or two.

2. Open your blinds and throwback the curtains. Let the natural light in.

3. At the end of the day, hang your clothes back up or toss in the laundry hamper.

4. If you bring a new item in to your room, then one item needs to go out.  This will help with the clothing clutter.


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