Happy New Year


I don’t really set goals or new year’s resolutions. Some of the things that I am going to do again this year is save money corresponding to the week. For example, if it is week 16, then that week, I put away $16, week 17 is $17. At the end of the year,  I would have $1378 saved. It’s not a lot but, it sure helps especially around Christmas when my husband takes a week off to celebrate the holidays with us.

I also want to get back to doing my weekly meal planning. This helps with knowing what to prepare for dinner every evening but, also saves money on the grocery bill and reduces the amount of food being wasted.

I want to be mindful of living the life I want to live and not worrying or allowing other’s view points about our lifestyle choices from upsetting me. I am not going to enter into the game of justifying why our family lives the way we do.

Last but not least, I want to begin exercising. I turned 40 a couple of months ago and I have seen a huge change in my strength and flexibility. That scares me. I’m going to start small and go from there.

Happy New Year to Everyone.


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